War of 1812 Veterans of the Dunlop/Dunlap Name


Herein lie the legacy of Brave Dunlops, Warriors all, who fought in the Second War of American Independence. Again it seems that Dunlops fought Dunlaps. Read about the most Famous Canadian Dunlop: "Tiger" and our Clan brother at the Battle of New Orleans:

where the ground is hallowed by their blood,
and their actions upon it!


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War of 1812


Dr. William "Tiger" Dunlop(1792-1848) A surgeon in the Connaught Rangers of Britain, William was active in the campaigns against the Americas in 1813, 1814, and 1815 (War of 1812). William Dunlop came to Canada in 1813 as a 21 year-old assistant surgeon with the 89th British Foot. Like other memorable war doctors, he was faced with seemingly impossible tasks. After the battle of Chippawa, Dunlop worked alone on 220 men from both armies because the chief surgeon had been sent home and the chief assistant had fallen ill from fatigue. Apparently, Dunlop carried on alone for more than two full days, barely sitting down and stopping only to eat and change clothes. Despite his dedication as a surgeon, Dunlop had seen enough blood for a lifetime during the war. He returned to England where he pursued journalism for a time, but eventually moved back to Canada to work with John Galt in the Canada Company. From 1841 until 1846 he represented Huron Riding in the Legislative Assembly. He died in 1848. Battle of Lundy Lane, Niagara Falls and Dr Dunlop

-Major Alexander Dunlop, son of William Tiger Dunlop, volunteered as a private in 1812 and was captured at Dudley's Defeat May 7th, 1813. He went on to command a company in the Seminole War capturing St Mark's on April 7th ,1818. He rose to the rank of Commander Major and served at Vera Cruz in the War against Mexico.


-John Dunlap. (7 November 1789- 30 July 1830). John served under General Hull near Detroit, Michigan with an Ohio Regiment (Dunlap Lads and Lasses, Ruth L. Dunlap,1998)

-Major Alexander Carnes Dunlap. 1791-1853. He was an Aide to general Andrew "Old Hickory" Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans and later served as Major in the Mexican War

Capt Richard G. Dunlap born 5 September 1796-22 jun 1841, married Mary Louisa Winn, on 22 May 1840 in Washington, D.C.  He was a soldier, lawyer, diplomat. He was said (by J.G. Ramsey) to have been the first white child born in Knoxville. He served as a Captain under Gen. Andrew Jackson in the War of 1812, and served against the Seminoles in 1818. RICHARD G. returned to Knoxville to study law, and was admitted to the bar in 1822. He served as a Trustee of East Tennessee College, and served in the Legislature in 1829-33. RICHARD G. and Gen. Andrew Jackson were the warmest of friends. Richard was later a Major-General for Texas, and served as the Secretary of Treasury for the Republic, and Minister to the USA.


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